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The goal of this complete renovation was to enhance the scale of the dealership by integrating the new brand image. This project was completed without interrupting the dealership’s operations. Our team implemented effective solutions to keep the site and dealership running smoothly while ensuring maximum comfort and safety for customers.

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Value of the project

Proservin's goal was to highlight the scale of the dealership given its small size relative to neighboring businesses. To this end, we proposed a design that would match the height of our client's competing buildings to ensure that we capitalized on the natural visibility of the site. The team proposed a solution within the constraints of the existing structures. In addition, our team proposed to execute the project in phases. In this way, we could ensure continuity of operations without affecting the efficiency of the construction process. In the end, the pre-established schedule was met while ensuring the safety of the Mitsubishi team and its clients. Finally, when working on a renovation project, the design team ensures that the end result leaves no trace, either on the exterior or interior of the building.