43 250 pi2

The Proservin Construction team has been selected to deliver a new construction of 43,250 square feet in the Saint-Hyacinthe sector. This new construction is the first new dealership of the Chrysler banner with the new image highlighting the Jeep brand in Quebec. Our team supported the management of the organization to ensure that the building meets the needs of the region while respecting the manufacturer’s standards.

Value of the project

In this major project, the team was able to overcome several obstacles, including key decisions that saved our client huge sums of money. From the backfilling stage, our team of specialists was able to properly guide the stakeholders in order to optimize their work and, as a result, enormous economies of scale were the result. This building had to undergo an installation on piles. Since this challenge is not unknown to our team, we were able to ensure the correctness of the investment by selecting the right stakeholders in order to ensure the quality of the work while optimizing the costs. Finally, the land was not zoned to accommodate a commercial building. Our team of experts then directly took charge of the municipal procedures to ensure that our client's ideal deadline was met.