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We were given the mandate to demolish the existing building in order to accommodate the new Hyundai-branded dealership for the Albi le Géant group. In this project, our team was able to find the right contractors to optimize our client’s budget, while ensuring that the quality of the work met Proservin standards. We had to manage contaminated waste as well as the site, to ensure that we had the best possible conditions in which to start building the new dealership.

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Project insights

This is definitely a project that stands out from the crowd. Our customer wanted a parking space at the front of the building, but the municipality didn't want any conspicuous parking on the busy boulevard. So, in order to meet our client's needs and ensure compliance with the municipality's standards, our design team demonstrated innovation and ingenuity by proposing a concept that met the criteria of all parties! The result: a false façade with an external roof that provides a hidden parking area behind it, thereby protecting the group's clientele from inclement weather.

Un projet avec un souci du détail exhaustif en prenant compte de leurs opérations et de l’achalandage du marcher de ce secteur, nous sommes extrêmement fiers de signer ce projet et d’avoir accompagner le groupe dès l’idée naissante jusqu’à livraison final que selon nous dépasse les attentes initiales de notre client!