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Need emergency work


Travaux directsWhen something unexpected happens on the job, the key to how smoothly your business handles the challenge is your response time. Which is where Direct Works, Proservin's newest division, comes in. It's a kind of 'first-response' team of experienced workers known for their expertise and quick execution.

The Direct Works Division will step in to complete your industrial and commercial renovation projects without delay. What's more, a team of experienced workers is ready to intervene in an emergency.

Thanks to the flexibility of our organization, Direct Works can react like a much smaller company, quickly adapting to any situation. And, thanks to Proservin's corporate heritage, you'll have access to the experience and expertise of a reputed and reliable entrepreneur. In short, when time is of the essence, look no further: the Direct Works Division of Proservin is the surest way to solve your renovation problems.

* Able to meet very tight deadlines
* Flexible and efficient organization